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Hi! I'm Jackie

I'm a first-time mum to a beautiful daughter. Like so many of you, my partner and I have battled through the first year with a lot of help from fellow mums and good old Google. I mean, how on earth did our parents survive without it?! 

I love to write and started a blog way back in 2010, but found it hard to find what it was I really wanted to focus on, never mind squeeze the time into my new life and daily routine with a baby in tow. I'd often think of things I'd discovered or learnt as a new mum that would be useful to share with other mums. So, when my daughter turned one, I finally pulled my finger out and re-established my blog. I looked back on the many, many, MANY, WhatsApp messages from the various mum-groups I am part of and decided that the trials and tribulations we faced were blooming good blog material, without turning into another mumsnet or moanfest.

I am passionate about the environment, love getting out on two wheels (either MTB or road bike) and we bought a VW campervan weeks before the global pandemic, which means we love a good adventure (when we are allowed)! But we’re just regular parents with regular jobs and regular lives. This blog is us figuring out life as we go, intertwining a new child into our day-to-day whilst not remembering what life was ever like without her. 


We'll be trying out ‘doorstep adventures’, attempting to grow an edible garden, navigating babies and bikes, and figuring out how to introduce Montessori practices into our home life... Allllll the while trying to hold down full-time jobs, retaining our sanity, keeping both her and the cat alive and paying the nursery fees!​

So this is us on ‘the road to wild’ - we hope you enjoy it. 

It's so great to have you on board!

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