As new parents you are constantly learning and figuring things out as you go. In the first 6 months of their life you probably spend more time asking Google questions then you do talking to your own partner - how did people ever survive without it?!

I thought I'd share some of the things we've found useful or invaluable along the way. From methods to wind your baby, to setting up a Montessori bedroom, to using washable nappies and buying a sling or carrier. I'll also be looking back over old messages shared between our antenatal groups to share our journey and learnings with you too.


Figuring out life as we go, intertwining a new child into our day-to-day whilst not remembering what life was ever like without her. Trying out ‘doorstep adventures’, attempting to grow an edible garden, navigating babies and bikes, and figuring out how to introduce Montessori practices into our home life. Read more


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