• Jackie

Doesn't she look so much like her dad?!

I hear it time and time again, people telling me how much my daughter looks like her father. At first it was absolutely fine and I'd wholeheartedly agree. She does, of course look, just like her dad. But now I can't help but feel a pang of hurt every time someone mentions it.

Is it jealousy maybe? Am I envious of this visual connection between father and daughter?

I ponder, longingly, surely there's some of me in her? Somewhere? Her chin maybe? Her lips? Maybe the mole on the bottom of her foot? Anything?

I feel guilty. Should I feel guilty? Is it so bad for a mother to want to see some of herself in her own daughter? Is this a glimmer of narcissism creeping up on me? Is she any less mine if she doesn't look like me?

Of course, I know that the most important thing is that she is happy and healthy, and she is, so much. Always smiling, giggling and jibber-jabbering, her development is coming along so well, hitting all the key milestones and impressing everyone with some she is reaching well beyond her years.

Time will tell as she grows older if she develops any of my features. Though I fear all she will get from me is my squat height and slightly eccentric personality... And if she doesn't develop any, then it doesn't matter and won't change how much I love her.

It does make me think though, that if it saddens me to hear others say she looks just like her dad, then maybe some other mums (or dads!) feel the same - do you? Have you felt the same way about your child looking just like your partner? Have you ever been brave enough to say it, or have you just pushed it down for fear of being seen as selfish or jealous? Tell me below or drop me a message, I would love to hear that I'm not alone!

Lots of love

Jackie x

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