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Eeek! We survived a whole year!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

So it's been a whole 365 days since my little bundle of smiles, poops, dribbles and giggles arrived on this earth via a birthing pool, a couple of paracetamol and a few hefty swigs of gas and air. So whilst of course I am ecstatic that it's her birthday, I am incredibly proud of myself and my man for making it this far keeping another human being alive, all fairly unscathed and still completely in love.

Whilst my priority was to mark the occasion with lots of balloons and some insta-worthy photography, I also wanted to ensure I gave myself a pat on the back, washed down with a celebratory glass of wine before midday.

I must announce loud and clear that I could not have got through the year in such a strong mental state had I not had some very special mamas to reach out to at every and any moment. These girls have been a lifeline to me during one of the hardest, yet most rewarding year's of my life. They were there at 3am when asking for techniques to wind, when in tears over breastfeeding, when debating tongue-tie, to planning our next coffee meet-up. They listened when declaring an endless string of sleepless nights, begging for tips or at least that I am not the only one. We talked about jabs and health visitors, baby classes and groups, developmental leaps, clothes and grows, to feeling the grip of post-natal depression and needing help pronto to pull myself out.

I met these amazing mums at my antenatal classes, of which I was fortunate enough to do two - a hypnobirthing course with the NHS, and the typical antenatal classes we decided to take privately with The Bump To Baby Chapter in Gloucestershire. Both groups of mums have been invaluable in their different ways and I cannot recommend enough for any soon-to-be parents to take a class in preparation for giving birth - even if you don't think you need the education on the birthing front, the women you meet could turn out to be a lifeline for you and become your closest friends as you embark on parenthood. But, if they really aren't for you, then try mum-meeting apps like MUSH or Peanut, but please don't use them to merely bitch and moan about your man, just find a mum you'd like to chat to and ask her if she fancies meeting up for a (socially-distanced) coffee, that's where real relationships are born!

So, as I raise my glass, I not only raise it to the three of us for surviving the year (and the cat), but I most importantly raise it to the mamas that helped me get through, to have confidence in myself and to enjoy each and every moment no matter how hard it may have felt at the time.

Cheers to all the mama's getting through their first year!


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