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The Jargon of Pregnancy

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I thought I'd visit some of the recommended #pregnancy websites to join my "month club" along with other women who are all expecting their babies in the same month of the year. I was hoping to share worries and concerns, ask questions and maybe even make some friends... but I was immediately put off by note after note of women introducing themselves and then talking in complete acronym jargon gibberish.

Is it just me that just doesn't get it? Is it a sign of old age that I just think writing things out is better and easier?

I exited the website swiftly without joining anything.

It took me another few weeks before one of my apps had an easy to join birth club, yet, the first intro post consisted of

"Welcome to your new Birth Club. Getting your BFP is exciting and life-changing."

So there I am, once again, lost (and peeved), before I have even begun. Luckily, these guys had the sense to highlight the "BFP" with a link! It, astonishingly, was a link to Frequently Asked Questions which included a huge list of acronyms. Hurrah!

Here it is:

Please do take a rummage at the list! Then please, tell me, am I going crazy or are the vast majority of the acronyms in the list absolute BS? I find some of them even worse than text speak and with no medical or pregnancy association. FFS. It made me want to join these groups even less if this is the way you are supposed to communicate.

Is it really that hard to communicate in normal English text nowadays?



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