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What no one tells you: Hair Loss!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

During my pregnancy my hair was glorious. It was shiny, strong and full of body, and I barely needed to wash it. As the statement goes with pregnant women... I was glowing. A few months after the little munchkin pushed herself out, however, this "glow" had most definitely disappeared, with bags under my eyes and my now lacklustre hair was falling out!

My hair came out in such vast amounts I genuinely thought I was going bald, especially when washing my hair in the shower. My fellow mums shared endless messages of panic, checking we were all in the same boat and that it was "normal". We thought it would just be a short phase but I was still asking at 8 months if anyone else's hair was continuing to fall out in excessive amounts... surely this couldn't last forever, there'll be nothing left!

It was something I was completely unaware of during my pregnancy. I guess it just isn't something people say to you... "Oh you are glowing! But don't get used to it, after a couple of months in you'll start to lose all that lovely hair"... hmmm.

Despite as many as 90% of women having some form of postpartum hair loss, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. It's a big blow to your confidence when you are already feeling weathered and broken. But no matter how horrendous it may feel at the time, it will grow back eventually as your hormones stabilise - usually around 6 months (so they say!). See "What no one tells you: Mama Baby Hair!"

To put it into a bit of perspective, apparently, it is quite normal for someone to lose about 80 hairs a day, but a new mama will shed a whopping 400 hairs a day! Of course, there is always a small risk that there may be other things at play leading to the hair loss, so do chat with your doctor if you find your hair loss is not slowing down or you are concerned in any way.

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